As i begin my journey in documenting my craft, i thought i should begin with sharing a few words from myself Boitumelo Rametsi as the founder of the Brand B Glam SA and sister to lifestyle brand and blog Spotted Beauty.

Spotted Beauty, Vitiligo Spokesmodel SA

Photography: Eugene Nhlabathi

My Journey with Vitiligo began at the age of 12 which appeared in the least visible areas and began spreading rapidly after i matriculated and started Varsity. Seeing myself different wasn’t always hearts and roses, i went through the darkest times not realising that my light and purpose was merely guiding me to being the person i am today.

B Glam SA happened to move from being a hobby to a business from my interest in makeup with a simple goal of covering my spots so i could look like everybody else. As i grew with my business i hated the frustrations i experienced on a personal level with myself and people i engage with. I wasn’t happy. I was caged in societies depiction of what beauty is which i felt it when the sun would hit my skin and i would fret touching my face in fear of revealing what i really looked like. Compliments turned into words of criticism in my head and eye contact felt like a stare of wonder. I then realised that i have put myself in the state i am in and only i can free myself. I then went from putting on full-cover-makeup to enhancing my beauty which was the greatest liberation of all. I stopped living up to peoples expectations and decided to show the world how to love and treat me by doing the same for myself. That is how B Glam SA’s tagline became “What makes you different, makes you beautiful”.

“B Glam SA then expanded to being more than just about make-up but 360 brand experience of being glam and fabulous at a reasonable rate. It became about being the Glam Fairies that added some sparkle into peoples lives with photography packages, events such as baby & bridal showers, as well as empowering events for women. An example of this would be Power Of Glam. “



As my brand grew, my confidence grew. I then continued working and being the best version of myself. A daily experience of self affirmations helping pour love in to my ‘self’ which needed to be practiced daily. One of which included naming my journey in a positive context – Spotted Beauty. I started a page on Facebook which grew to becoming more like a blog where i posted images i took of myself without makeup on and others with makeup to express my happiness and acceptance of my self and journey. This page and movement grew and i was inspired by seeing everything i put in come right back at me.  Commercial beauty in general is largely defined by society and i seem to see myself breaking that and defining it myself.

Spotted Beauty, Makeup, Beauty post

Photography: Edward Odonkor Make-up: B Glam SA

Spotted Beauty

What makes you different, makes you beautiful.