After having left my 9-5 for good this  time, my journey of switching up my daily routine began. I didn’t rush into figuring it all out immediately, as easing into made more sense to me. Finally tasting the freedom i willingly had sold away was worth taking it slow. I spent a couple of weeks resting and restoring my energies and once  i felt full and settled i began working from different spaces other than home which i thoroughly enjoyed just by the way.

In doing so, the one place i connected with the most was Moboneng at ‘The Cosmopolitan‘ building. Oh what a BUZZ!  The place had a sense of calm in the midst of the busy city of lights. The energy sparked up creativity and connected beings of the same vibe.  The building consists of show rooms, modelling agency, coffee shop and a hair spot! I spent most of my days in the heart of the place; the coffee shop ‘Home of the Bean‘. Working there felt empowering as i came across inspiring beings on a daily basis; one being Bokang Phelane.

Bokang Phelane X Boitumelo Rametsi

We had been in each others lives for a couple of years yet hadnt had the time to know one another and we FINALLY DID! Over a coffee and Sushi meet (We walked over to The Blackanese from the coffee shop) we had the most mind blowing conversations and one of which led to this collaboration. I got to hear her background story of who she is and where she comes from and we had a couple of laughs over it too. Bokang is born and bred in the wonderful country called Lesotho in an extremely staunch Christian upbringing which we could almost call a cult which reminded me of my church days as a Roman Catholic and how i used to confess for all my sins even when i wasn’t sure why i had to always have something to confess about. Somehow, a number of us chose to explore beyond what we were taught and conditioned to believe about how the world works in spirituality and the ways of the world. We believed in ourselves more than we did what we were told and we explored it. We call this “a spiritual awakening”, knowing that if you are of God then you must be God too. Realizing that you are the creator and the created. You are God experiencing a version of himself and you want to do that ‘wholeheartedly’ and passionately.

Bokangs dreams lived beyond what she was taught to believe and she is grateful for every moment of it as it makes her the spiritual ‘celestial’ being that she is today. She left Lesotho to further her studies in South Africa as well as further her career in Johanessburg and not forgetting how she artistically expresses herself on digital media. She feeds her focus which required her to mind her own business and i definitely shared the sentiment.

I came to realize how your exterior surroundings reflect your inner state of being and that the people you attract are of your vibration. The more i tapped into my own frequency the more i kept attracting the people i need in my life at the time and this was one of them. So i put a team together of people of the same energy and visualization and collaborated on a project representing Bokangs journey as well as everyone else’s who are on their journey of self realization and expanding their consciousness.

Naka Indaba Zako‘ (Zulu term;Mind your own business) founded by Muzi Mdluli & Unknown Union by Robert Moleleki seemed to represent what this movement of consciousness is about.  Roberts designs are wide spread but collectively bring out the idea of ‘dark’ or less travelled paths being the ones worth taking while incorporating his home town cultural gear into the mix [Lesotho Blankets]. Muzi hits the nail on the importance of minding your own business while keeping it authentic with ‘kasi culture’ in his own designs like balaclava’s, leather backpacks with hoodies as well as bucket hats. Both brands can be worn as everyday looks.

Project Team:

Boitumelo Rametsi : Creative Director & PM

Itumeleng Mothomoholo :Style & Wardrobe

Katlego Mpyatona : Make Up Artist

Bokang Phelane : Muse